Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (Team Officials)

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders provides information on a coach’s natural influence over their players, and the role they play in a child’s enjoyment of a sport or activity.  The program also provides coaches with tools to evaluate their own behaviour.  This program is a 3-hour online module and is valid for 5 years. 


The cost of the course is $30 and can be reimbursed by the Club upon submission of receipt and course completion certificate to the REP Administrator.

Respect in Sport for Parents

We strongly encourage DSC parents to take the Respect in Sport for Parents online course.  Our goal with this program is to educate our parents by providing useful, empowering tools.  This program reinforces the parents role in their child’s activities, encourages positive sport behaviours, and provides insight into the various roles other individuals play, such as coaches and officials.  After completion of the program, parents will be empowered to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and be able to enhance their child’s overall enjoyment of soccer.

For more details, or to obtain certification, please visit: