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The Dixie Soccer Club (DSC) Annual General Meeting is held every year and serves as the primary mechanism of governance for the members of the Club. All DSC Members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting.



Notice & Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

As stipulated in the Bylaws of the Dixie Soccer Club, the Club is to hold an Annual General Meeting. The purpose of the AGM includes a review of the Club's operations for the 2022 Fiscal year, by the Club's Directors and the Election of a Board of Directors. 


Dear Members,


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the Dixie Soccer Club, will be held on

Sunday, December 11th @ 7pm.    


The AGM will be held in a virtual format using Zoom, pre-registration will be required to attend.  The deadline to submit your request for registration is Thursday, December 8th @ 6pm. Please send an email to to register for the 2022 DSC Annual General Meeting.


The Annual General Meeting is open to Team Officials, Board, and staff members of the DSC, in good standing, with active registration during the 2021/22 Indoor and 2022 Outdoor seasons.


Board of Director positions open for election for the 2022/2023 term:

  • Vice President (2-year term) *Must be Mississauga resident. Proof of residency will be required.

  • Director at Large (1-year term)


Nomination forms are attached to this email.  Nomination forms must be submitted via email to Dianne Cieplik at, no later than Sunday, December 4th at 6pm.   


Additional information regarding the meeting, including instructions, and links will be released in early December to those who have registered to attend.  Voting will be web-based – links will be provided during the meeting for voting, if required.



*If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to appoint a proxy for your vote who will attend the AGM. A proxy form can be obtained by emailing  Proxy forms are held by someone you appoint who will be attending the meeting.  They will vote on your behalf. The person you appoint should be in possession of the form during the AGM. Please send along your proxy form to Dianne Cieplik at by Friday, December 9th @ 6pm.



The By-laws of the Dixie Soccer Club outlines the club’s functions and rules under which it will operate. 

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