The Dixie Soccer Club (DSC) offers age specific Outdoor & Indoor Recreational programs for U3-U18 players.


Our Micro, Mini, Grassroots & Youth House League programs are part of the club’s community-based recreational leagues open to all players of any skill level and ability.


Our recreational programs are strategically designed to offer fun and excitement to children in a team format, while supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for all players. The program is aligned with the standards and guidelines put forth by Ontario Soccer, ensuring players get enough touches on the ball and can enjoy the beautiful game!

For information on the 2021 Outdoor Recreational Programs, please stroll below where you will find full descriptions of our programs, including tentative schedule information and game locations (subject to change) and what is included with your child’s registration fee.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the pitch!






Registration for the 2021 Outdoor Recreational season will open on April 10th! 


Dixie SC has moved over to PowerUp Sports for registration.  To register, please visit the home page of the website and click on the LOGIN/REGISTER red button (top right corner).  You will be required to create a family account prior to registering for club programs. Instructions for PowerUp are attached to email.



DSC is committed to offering Recreational programs, for all age groups, for the 2021 Outdoor Season, however, with the ever-changing COVID-19 situation there may be a need for flexibility and modifications to our programs. Our 1st priority is the health and safety of our members, and we will ensure that our programs are in alignment with the restrictions and directives of our governing bodies.  We are dedicated to offering fun, structured programming and have established a list of guidelines in collaboration with Ontario Soccer and Public Health authorities ensuring that we create a safe environment for all.


We will communicate the full scope of our programs as soon as we are informed of what is permissible for Peel Region and the Dixie Soccer Club.


Program Fees: Our Recreational program fees have not yet been determined but will be posted on the Clubs website once available.  At this time, payment is not required to register your child.  Once we have confirmation that an outdoor season is permitted and program fees confirmed, an email will be sent out advising all registrants to complete payment online. 


Tentative Playing Days & Format

*subject to change based on field availability, governmental restrictions & registration numbers

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Limited Spots Available: Due to governmental restrictions on participant permitted per field, there will be limits to the number of players the Club can register per division. REGISTER ASAP TO GUARANTEE A SPOT!


Spectators: Under current restrictions, spectators are limited to one (1) parent/guardian per player and are NOT permitted on the field of play. DSC will designate a viewing area for spectators to watch their child’s game from a distance further back from the field.


Interested in Coaching?  If you would like to coach your child’s team, please contact our Director of Recreational Soccer via email at dixiesoccerclub@rogers.com.



Thank you for your continued support and patience – Stay safe and well!



The following are guidelines for how our parents can contribute to a Coach-Parent Partnership that benefits all the

DSC youth athletes.


Recognize the Coaches’ Commitment.  Your child’s coach has made a commitment that involves hours of preparation beyond the time spent at games.  They are generously volunteering their time.  Respect their commitment and imagine yourself in their place before approaching them to discuss any issues you may perceive.


Make Early, Positive Contact with the Coach.  As soon as you are made aware who will coach your child, contact those coaches to introduce yourself and offer any assistance you may provide.  Establishing a positive relationship with the coaches will help you proactively shape a positive environment for your child and will lay the foundation for a respectful and productive conversation with the coach should a conflict arise later.

Fill the Coach’s Emotional Tank.  Too often, coaches hear only from parents who have complaints.  Filling the coaches’ Emotional Tank with specific, truthful praise positively reinforces them to continue doing the things you see as benefitting the DSC youth athletes.

Do not put the Player in the Middle.  You would not complain to your children about how poorly one of their schoolteachers are.  Do not share your disapproval of a coach with your children.  Doing so may force the child to take sides, and not necessarily your side!  If your child has an issue with the coach and can maturely articulate it, encourage your child to approach the coach and at the very least learn some life lessons in self-advocacy with an authority figure.  Otherwise, if you disapprove of how the coach handles a situation, seek a private meeting to discuss the matter – and remember the 24-hour rule.

Let Coaches Coach.  It can confuse players to hear someone other than the coach yelling out instructions.  Also, your instructions may counter the coaches’ strategy and tactics, undermining team performance.

Fill Your Child’s Emotional Tank.  Sports can be stressful for player.  The last thing they need is your critiquing their performance…on top of what the coach may deliver and what they are already telling themselves.  Let your children know you love and support them regardless of their performance.

Contribute to a Positive Environment.  Fill all the players’ Emotional Tanks when you see them doing something well.  Honor the Game as a spectator, respecting the rules, opponents, officials, teammates, and self, and encourage others around you to do the same.