The global COVID-19 pandemic is a situation unlike any other. Health restrictions and physical distancing guidelines have limited access to supports people would otherwise turn to. Sport and physical activity are an essential component of supporting individual and community wellbeing. As restrictions are lifted and our members begin to return to sport and physical activity, DSC Board of Directors & Staff are expected to make modifications to our operations and settings to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.


The Dixie Soccer Club adheres to all guidelines and protocols put in place by the Government of Ontario, Peel Public Health, City of Mississauga, and Ontario Soccer. We will continue to work with provincial health authorities and city officials, as well as Ontario Soccer to ensure training and play is safe for all.


Please see below for the DSC COVID-19 Resources:






How often does the pre-screening COVID Symptom checklist need to be completed? The online checklist is to be completed prior to all participants attending a training session. Participants will not be permitted to enter field area if the checklist has not been completed. Proof of completion is to be presented to field marshal upon check-in.


As a field marshal or volunteer, do I need to complete the COVID Symptom checklist? Yes. All team officials, players, club staff, and/or volunteers are required to complete the checklist for contact tracing purposes.


When should I respond to the pre-screening symptom checklist? Please reply a maximum of one-hour prior to departing for every training session. Participants will not be permitted onto the field if a successful checklist response has not been presented to the field marshal at field check-in.


My child suffers from allergies and I am concerned some of the symptoms they suffer will be mistaken for illness. What should I do? Let your child’s coach as well as Club rep, Angela Malvaso ( know that they suffer from allergies in advance of training session. Communication is to be done via email.


My child suffers from allergies and always requires a puffer and/or EpiPen. If it permitted to send medication to the field with my child? Yes. Medication is to be placed in a clear Ziploc bag with your child’s name written on it and placed inside their backpack and kept in their training area. The team officials should be informed that your child carries medication in their backpack.


Are parents permitted to stay at the training sessions? Yes, parents should remain nearby. Parents should remain in the vehicles in the parking lot, near their vehicles, or on the grounds away from the field. Parents will not be permitted into the field area and are strongly discouraged from congregating around the fence area and entrance/exits points of the field.


What will be done if a player suffers an injury? Injured player(s) will be directed to one of their team officials or to the field marshal for assistance. Whomever is tending to the injured player will have to put on a mask and gloves prior to making contact. Masks and gloves will be available from the Field Marshal.


As a coach, manager, field marshal, or other volunteer, am I able to tie a player’s shoes if their laces come undone? No. Currently, we are asking all that do not live in the same household to social distance. The player should be sent to the field marshal who will contact the parent for assistance.


What do I need to do if a player needs to go to the washroom? The player should be directed to the field marshal who will contact the parent. Port-o-lets at fields may not be available for use. Further information will be provided once confirmed by the City of Mississauga.


Should I wear a mask if I am a coach, manager, field marshal, or volunteer? If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please feel free to do so. Depending on the setting, you can decide what is best for you. While outdoors, and if you are maintaining social distance, it is not required to wear a mask. Masks will be made available through the field marshal for any team officials or club staff that require a mask.


Should a player wear a mask? No. It is not recommended that players wear a mask but can do so if they prefer. Players can wear a mask walking from the parking lot to the field check-in and place the mask in their backpack once on the field. Masks are not to be left on the field.


What is the protocol if a player, team official, field marshal, or volunteer test positive for COVID-19 or if anyone in the family tests positive for COVID-19? Immediate contact to Angela Malvaso at as per the Clubs Emergency Response Plan.


Will my coach or the Club notify me if someone tests positive for COVID-19 on my child’s team? You will not be notified by your coach or manager. Contact tracing protocols are in place so that those who were potentially in close contact with a COVID-19 case will be informed through the proper channels (Club and/or Peel Public Health).


If I am exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, what should I do?

   • Self isolate and follow public health guidelines

   • Complete the online self-assessment tool;

   • Contact Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000

   • Contact your primary healthcare provider


What should I do if I/player am unwell on a day that my team does not have a training session?

   • Complete the online self-assessment tool;

   • If you are advised to report to a self assessment centre to get tested, you are not permitted to attend training until you have          received a negative test, have self-isolated for 14 days and have been given clearance by your primary healthcare provider to          return to training.